Personality Edit

He is very imaginative, having convinced himself that Chocolat and Vanilla are aliens. Although he often acts childish, he is shown to act mature and caring when others are upset, particularly Chocolat. His dog, Hiroshi, provides him with company while his father is away on business trips.

Appearance: Edit

He has dark black eyes and his hair seems to spike upwards, much like Mimura Jun. His hair is black but sometimes, that lighting of it may seem like it's a bit purple.

Trivia Edit

  • It is heavily implied that he has a crush on Chocolat, being quick to distract or comfort her when she's upset and acting jealous when Pierre is around. However, these feelings are never discussed.
  • When Chocolat and Pierre return to the human world at the end of the manga after 20 human years, he is shown grown up, looking much like his father, with a son of his own.