Important Information
Gender Female
Status Alive
Eye Color Pink
Hair Color Platinum Blonde
Height -
Species Witch
Voice Actor Chisa Yokoyama
Japanese Name ブランカ (Buranka)

Blanca (ブランカ Buranka) is the familliar of Vanilla Mieux. She is a white mouse who used to run a salon in the magical world. Blanca means white in Spanish.


Blanca is a white mouse. She has a green scarf that has purple dots around her neck, and a green ribbon on her tail. She uses pink blush, mascara and blue eyeshadow. Her eyes are a brilliant pink, and she has a unique star-shaped accessory on her forehead. Blanca has huge ears with ruby earrings on them. She can sometimes be seen carrying a purple and blue umbrella.

As a human she turns into a 'cute' young woman with her hair done in two big buns on each side of her face and the ears and fangs that show she was once a witch.


Blanca is a bit snobbish. She enjoys teasing people, especially Chocola. Blanca tries very hard to get Vanilla to be Queen, and spites Chocola in the process. Even though Blanca and Chocola have a very rocky relationship, Blanca is very loyal to Vanilla. She always tries to help Vanilla get a ton of hearts, maybe sometimes cheating in the process.

She always brings up Vanilla's status as a princess, and addresses her as "Vanilla-chama" (Vanilla-sama). She thinks that it's beneath Vanilla to associate with "commoners" such as Chocola. She balances Vanilla's hesitant personality by being competitive, outspoken, and cunning.

However, she is very proud of her master and truly believes that Vanilla will make a wonderful queen. Blanca . She fusses over Vanilla's appearance a lot and gives her tips about grooming and attracting guys.


Blanca's human form

As a person, her name is Libby. She was a hairstylist at the Violet House Salon. She fell in love with a human (which was taboo for the Magical World) and had her heart taken. She was added to the list of Familiars and was turned into a mouse. Chocola and Poivre were quite surprised that she was very cute in her human form (Chocola thought she was an old maid and Poivre thought she was a 'gay guy').

It was shown that she was quite powerful; blasting away a couple of Ogres while she was busy talking to Poivre irritatedly.

In her witch form, Blanca wears her hair in two large buns (reminiscent of her mouse ears). She has a black turtleneck on with a fluffy white overcoat. She has black gloves and leggings on with black flats. She wears hoop earnings and a pearl necklace.

Blanca's Human Form Edit


Blanca--I mean Libby, in her human form.