Important Information
Gender Female
Status Alive
Eye Color Pink
Hair Color Platinum Blonde
Height -
Species Witch
Voice Actor Chisa Yokoyama
Japanese Name ブランカ (Buranka)

Blanca (ブランカ Buranka) is the familliar of Vanilla Mieux. She is a white mouse who used to run a salon in the magical world. Blanca means white in Spanish.


Blanca is a white mouse. She has a green scarf that has purple dots around her neck, and a green ribbon on her tail. She uses pink blush, mascara and blue eyeshadow. Her eyes are a brilliant pink, and she has a unique star-shaped accessory on her forehead. Blanca has huge ears with ruby earrings on them. She can sometimes be seen carrying a purple and blue umbrella.

As a human she turns into a 'cute' young woman with her hair done in two big buns on each side of her face and the ears and fangs that show she was once a witch.


Blanca is a bit snobbish. She enjoys teasing people, especially Chocola. Blanca tries very hard to get Vanilla to be Queen, and spites Chocola in the process. Even though Blanca and Chocola have a very rocky relationship, Blanca is very loyal to Vanilla. She always tries to help Vanilla get a ton of hearts, maybe sometimes cheating in the process.



Blanca--I mean Libby, in her human form.

As a person, her name is Libby. She fell in love with a human (which was taboo for the Magical World) and had her heart taken. She was added to the list of Familiars and was turned into a mouse. Chocola and Poivre were quite surprised that she was very cute in her human form (Chocola thought she was an old maid and Poivre thought she was a 'gay guy').

It was shown that she was quite powerful; blasting away a couple of Ogres while she was busy talking to Poivre irritatedly.

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