Candy Mieux
Important Information
Gender Female
Family Vanilla
Status Alive
Eye Color Violet
Hair Color Blonde
Height 1,65 cm
Species Witch
Voice Actor Sumi Shimamoto
Japanese Name クイーンキャンディ (Kuīn Kyandi)

Candy was the Queen of Royame and the Mother of Vanilla Meiux. She lost to Cinnamon Meilleure, however when Cinnamon sacrificed the throne for the freedom to save the Magic World, she took over it.


Candy has platinum blonde hair in a similar color to her daughter's, Vanilla. She has light violet eyes and is a beautiful woman, being popular on both worlds that appear in the series. However, she never collected any hearts because she is afraid that the human in the Human World would be tired because of getting too much heart from them.💙


Candy is a good queen,being selfless and caring. She doesn't want to enter a battle with the Ogres. She sympathizes with them, saying that if they continue this fight, the cycle of revenge will only get wider. She also cares greatly for her daughter Vanilla and is sad when she finds out how much being the Queen hurt Vanilla. She is also quite proud of her.

Relationships Edit

Cinnamon Edit

Vanilla Edit

Chocolate Edit

Ogres Edit

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