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WARNING! Spoilers ahead, read the following information, at your own risk.

There are several spells used by witches (and ogres,) in the Human World. In magical world, it is not a requirement to say the name of a spell aloud; however, it is vital to do so in the Human World - because they won't be able to use magic, otherwise.

Agrandissement: This can be translated as 'aggrandising' or 'expansion' in English and Chocolat uses this, especially in the earlier chapters in the manga, to make things larger.

Attraper: In English, it can be called 'catcher' or 'trapper'. It is only use once, when Chocolat transforms the heart-shaped hairpin - into a key, to open her mother's diary.

Blocus: French for 'blockade', this is used by Pierre in chapter 12 of the manga, to create an invisible barrier at the aquarium.

Cage Épine Rose: This spell is used by Cinnamon in the final chapter of the manga. It means 'cage of rose thorns'.

Le Cercle du Cœur: In English, it can be translated as 'The circle of the heart'.

Charrue Bris: An explosive, fiery sort of magic utilised by Captain Glacier in the anime. He uses it to expell the creatures, when he gets trapped inside Pierre's mansion, with Rockin' Robin. The proper translation for this spell is not stated, but it may mean 'breaking chariot'.

Choco Rune : It is said after 'sugar sugar rune', by Chocolat, whenever she is about to cast a spell or put on her witch outfit (anime only.) Whenever this occurs, time ceases.

Congélation: This can be translated to 'congealing' or 'freezing'. Pierre uses this spell a few times throughout the series.

Divination Livre: Also known as the 'tome / book of divination', it is only seen in the anime and only Chocolat utilises this spell.

Brillétoile : The translation for this spell is 'The Brilliant / Shining Star'. This is a spell exclusively used by Chocolat. She firsr used it when she was on a date with Pierre at the aquarium (ep.29).

Étoile Éclair: This spell is used by Robin and Captain Glacier. It is used during Walpurgis Night, to fend off the trespassing ogres. can be roughly translated into English, as 'enlightened star'.

Epée de feuilles : This term is French for 'leaves of the blade' or 'leaf blade'. Saule is seen using this spell a few times in the series.

Filtre: A spell exclusive to Chocolat and Cinnamon - it can purify noir hearts, filtering them and turning those hearts into a clear, white heart.

Spirale de fleurs : This spell used by Chocolate, several times. 'The spiral of flowers' is a rough English translation for this term.

Galaxie Ambre: The English translation for this spell is 'amber galaxy.' Amber uses this spell in the very last chapter of the manga (Chapter 43.)

Grand Lumière: This is a spell that Rockin' Robin uses to open the door of Pierre's mansion. In the anime, he uses it again repeatedly; whilst trying to defend himself from the Noir-borne creatures, alongside Captain Glacier. It is French for 'grand light'.

Aiguilles de jalousie : Pierre first used this spell in chapter 12, to make Chocolat feel envious. It is also later used by Vanilla, when she became an ogre princess. This spell translates to 'The needle of jealousy' in English.

Larme Grêle: A spell used by Vanilla, initially casted when she became an ogre princess. It means 'hail of tears'.

Mémoire d'Air: Pierre and Chocolat combine their powers, to use this spell. It is only seen in the anime, as well as only being used once. The English term for this spell is 'Memory of Air'.

Mur de Lierre: This can be translated as 'wall of ivy' and it is used by Saule. In the anime, Saule casts it to protect Houx and himself - from Pierre's magic, at the aquarium.

Obscure Cristallisation : French for 'crystallization of darkness / obscurity', it is first used by Pierre - and later on by Vanilla, after becoming the ogre princess.

Rafale: French for 'gust', it is used by Girouette, Pierre's servant. He casts it against Houx, Saule and Chocolat - when they break into the school at night.

Le Ruban du Douleur: French for 'The ribbon of pain'. This is utilised by Platol, in the magical world - to bind Chocolat in one place. The more one moves whilst being held by the ribbons, more pain is inflicted upon the victim.

Sanction : This is a spell that Pierre uses - when he directly attacks Chocolat for the first time, on their date at aquarium (episode 28.) A rough English definition for this term is 'penance'.

Sugar Sugar Rune: The preceding incantation said aloud, before either Chocolat or Vanilla casts a spell, mostly in the Human World.

Vani(lla) Rune : It is said after 'sugar sugar rune', by Vanilla, whenever she is about to cast a spell or put on her witch outfit (anime only.) Whenever this occurs, time ceases.

La Voix Efficace: This means 'the effective voice', in French. It is exclusively used by Pierre, to taunt and seduce Chocolat.

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