Chocolat is one of the two witches who are queen candidates. She has a familiar named Duke, who later in the series is revealed to be her uncle, Poivre.


Chocola has long, orange hair that is kept up in various hairstyles. Her eyes are large and bright green, and she has pointed ears. She wears various outfits, and the only two that remain the same are her witch outfit and school uniform.

Chocola's witch outfit consists of pink and brown. She has a belt on her dress. Her boots are brown and she has black and white striped stockings. Her gloves are pink. Chocola's locket is in the shape of a heart, and her wand is pink and has a heart on top of it.


Chocola is shown to be very extroverted, lively, and full of spunk. In the witch world, this made her popular, and she expects to receive similar treatment from human boys. However, despite her eccentricities, she is able to win close friends simply by being herself. Chocola is not afraid of spiders, snakes, or other creepy things.

Chocola is also shown to have a caring personality, though she likes to act as if she doesn't. She frequently encourages Vanilla and makes many attempts to bring her Vanilla back after she joins Pierre.


  • Agran Deisman
  • Étoile Brillant
  • Perpétuel Aile


  • Her name literally translates to "Chocolate Best" in French, with "best" being feminine.


  • Chocolat as an adult
  • Chocolat dressed up as a bat.
  • Chocolat & Duke,her familliar.
  • Chocolat casting a spell.
  • Chocolat collecting Hearts.