Cinnamon Meilleure (シナモン・メイユール Shinamon Meiyūru) was Chocola's mother and a famous witch. She was a previous Queen Candidate along with Candy Mieux, she won the candidacy, however she sacrificed the throne for the freedom to save the Magic World. Under circumstances not clearly explained in the manga, Cinnamon went to visit Glacé, the grand duke of darkness, while Candy took over as queen. The same story also happened in the anime-series, Cinnamon made a promise with Candy, if Cinnamon didn't come back in time, Candy will take over the throne, by having Cinnamon go through the Ogre's Powerful Black Magic just to seal the evil powers of their leader Grand Duke Of Darkness, Glacé.


Cinnamon has platinum blonde hair and ruby colored eyes. She is a renowned for being a very beautiful woman - seizing the hearts of numerous men, in both the human world and Le Royaume. After she fell in love with Glacé, the grand Duke of darkness; she was transformed into a familiar, Cerunnos. As Cerunnos, she took the form of a black cat - and lost her voice, since her magic was so strong. Even without her voice, she still had great capabilities with magic. As a result of this, she was able to cut through the barrier shielding Glacé's palace.


Cinnamon is said to be extroverted and sometimes just as careless as her daughter, Chocolat. She was popular and strong minded, becoming one of the Queen Candidates together with Candy Mieux. She was shown to believe that love goes beyond races when she fell in love with Glacé.


  • Cosmic Veil