Overview Edit

Hearts are the crystallized emotions of Humans, Witches and Ogres. They are essential factors in the Queen Candidacy as well as in the Magical World. Not only do they provide a source of energy to the Magical World, but they are also divided into different rankings based on colour.

Unicorn Hearts Edit

Humans have the ability to create any type of heart and as many times as they want. Since their emotional energy is greater than that of wizards, they do not notice the hearts which they create. Their energy does get drained if too many hearts are taken from them in a short period of time and can lead to exhaustion or death.

Witches and Wizards only have one heart so if it is taken, they end up in the void (presumed to be death). As humans can not "pick up" hearts, it is safe for witches and wizards to hold a heart for them. However according to Robin, if that heart turns red, they must voluntarily give it up to the human. Between witches and wizards, producing any coloured heart one-sidedly is dangerous as they can be collected by the other at any point. During marriages, hearts can be exchanged between witches and wizards as a vow of eternal love (unfaithfulness will lead to death). Hearts are the source of energy for them, so they pick them with heart holders.

Ogres take their energy from Noir hearts, and are usually seen bringing the hatred and jealousy of humans to get one from the humans.


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Color Ecure Worth Emotion
Yellow / 'Piss' (Jaune) 5 Surprise
Orange (Orange) 300 Crush, infatutaton
Green (Vert) 350 Friendship
Rainbow (anime only) 500 Amusement, pleasure, delight
Pink (Rose) 1000 The beginning stages of love, sweet love
Purple (Violet) 2500 Lust, forbidden love
Blue (Bleu, anime only) 3000 Respect
Red (Rouge) 5000 Passionate love
Black (Noir) Hurts anyone other than ogres; it also subtracts points. Hatred, jealousy 
Crystal (Blanc) Purified Noir Hearts. Known as "The Heart of Innocence." Can turn familiars back into their former selves. Purify hearts (as filtre)