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The Human World is the world where all humans and non magical beings live, though it is common for some wizards and some ogres to stay there to collect écure. Rockin' Robin and Pierre are both examples of magical presence in the human world. While these magical people are on in the Human World, magic cannot be seen by the other humans present around them. In Episode 1, Chocola and Vanilla enter the human world in order to compete as Queen Canidates.


The Human World is the home to all humans. During the series, Japan and Hollywood were shown so we can take that it would be the same world we live.

Human emotions of love produce hearts that can be collected using a spell. These are used to store energy in Le Royame. That is why many wizards who are now living in the human world extract hearts and send écure back to their world.

Hearts collected in the Human have a certain amount of worth in écure. Écure is also used as a form of currency, and items from the magical catalog can be purchased with it.

The door from the human world into the magical world is through the middle of moon.