Pierre Tempête de Neige
Ogre Prince
Important Information
Gender Male
Family Unknown
Status Alive
Eye Color Ice Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Height 1,70
Species Wizard, Ogre
Voice Actor Hiroki Konishi
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Pierre Tempête de Neige (ピエール・テンペテ・ド・ネージュ Piēru Tenpete do Nēju) is the Ogre Prince, though being first a normal Le Royaume, he was captured as a child, had his memory erased and a Noir Heart implanted inside his chest. His love interest is Chocolat Meilleure. When she defeated Glacé, Pierre was relieved of his noir heart - and therefore, his status as the ogre prince ceases. At the end, he lives on with Chocolat as a powerful wizard.


Pierre Tempete de Neige is known to be attractive and cool, as he has a fan club. He has silverish blonde hair and ice blue eyes. His outfit is usually his high school uniform (white button-down shirt, brown tie, brown pants, tan blazer), though it may change as his ogre prince outfit (black tux with frilly white shirt). He occasionally wears casual clothes like jeans and casual jackets/blazers. He seems to prefer cold and dark colors, like multiple shades of blue. 

Pierre heart holder
According to Chocolat, he looks "cool" even in his casual clothes. He also wears an earing in one ear which resembles the ice diamond. He is good at magic, and is a good athlete and student in the human world too. Through the series, he is always aloof and cold and has a slight ego. However, in the end, he shows gentleness, especially towards Chocolat.

He is a tsundere- cold and aloof toward Chocolat at first before finally softening up.


Chocolat Meilleure

Pierre is in love with Chocolat. In the start of the series, he says he only tried to be nice to her so he could use her and get her heart, claiming to have a heart of only noir. But when she angrily rejects him after the aquarium date, he feels pain. When Vanilla became the Ogre Queen, he tried to convince himself that he did not need her anymore since he had Vanilla, although he never really loved her. He wasn't able to get over Chocolat and risks his life for her sake. He didn't know what was wrong with himself. Chocolat constantly caused a battle between Pierre's real heart (pink) and his Noir heart, which made him struggle and caused him pain. Due to his time as an Ogre Prince, he lost all his feelings of affection until he met Chocolat, although he tried to be her enemy. When he found out Chocolat was the cute girl he met at the forest of Ginger Village, his feelings for her deepened. Later, his Noir turns white after Chocolat purifies it and helps her fight Glacé, leaving his pink heart for her. When Pierre's pink heart is lost to Glace, Chocolat gives him her own pink heart, and he gives his to her. .

ONLY IN THE MANGA: Chocolat and Pierre go missing for few years but comes back for Vanilla's coronation. He promises her that she will be his queen. Those two start a new life together and they share a sweet kiss while returning to the human world.

Vanilla Mieux

He had no true feelings for Vanilla, but did show sympathy for her when she struggled with her Noir heart. He understood her pain, which made him feel bad for her. He still only used her. Vanilla got jealous whenever Pierre tried to get close to Chocolat.


He shelters many in his mansion, as he claims that he does not hold the weak against his will.


Girouette is his servant, and Pierre and Girouette communicate normally. Girouette acts subservient to Pierre, who acts a little aloof to Girouette.




•Efficace Voix

•Jalousie Aiguille

•Mémoire d'Air

•Obscurité Cristallisation


Trivia Edit

1. He is a rare male example of the tsundere archetype.

2. His birthday is 27 January.

3. He is an Aquarius

3. He's known to not like eating hot things or carrots.