Tải xuống


She is the captain of the Queen's Guard.  She is the commander of hundreds of Les Palais Guards. It is shown that she can also be a bit hasty.

Personality & JobEdit

Platol is the commanding officer of the guards of the palace. She is ruthless and will do anything to protect Queen Candy. Taking her as an ogre, Platol assaulted Chocola Meilleure while she went to the palace to see Queen Candy to learn more about ogres. At the night of Walpurgis, she participates in the battle between the ogres and the Kingdom but is quickly beaten by a spell cast by Vanilla Mieux.

Spells UsedEdit

-Le Ruban du douleur (Ribbon of Pain)

-Ruban d'ailes (Summon Magical World Birdline)

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