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Here you can add messages to the whole SSR community! No spam please.

Message from the creator of SSR Wiki Edit

Hi everyone! I know it's a small wiki and there aren't too many informations, I made this like 4 years ago and haven't had much time to take care of it properly. Chocola's page is blocked to any unregistered users (it was completely blocked before because it was getting really messy and I couldn't control what people were writing, a lot of crap was being posted and it made no sense, but now you have to have a wiki account to edit it). New admins/crats/rollbacks would be useful, if you're interested just message me and I'll take care of it. If you want to like, take care of everything and become a crat I support it but please just take care of the wiki. Hope you can all make it bigger and better, best of luck <3


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