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Vanilla "Aisu" Mieux
Vanilla smiling
Queen Candidate (mother)
Important Information
Gender Female
Family Queen Candy (Mother)
Status Alive
Eye Color Violet
Hair Color Blonde
Height 1,45 m
Species Witch
Voice Actor Juri Ihata
Japanese Name {{{japanese name}}}

Princess Vanilla Mieux/Vanilla Ice (バニラ・ミュー/愛須 バニラ Banira Myuu/Aisu Banira) is best friends with Chocola and the daughter of Queen Candy. Her familiar is the mouse Blanca. Vanilla's name, in french, translates to Better Vanilla.


Vanilla and blanca

Vanilla & her familliar, Blanca.

Vanilla is a cute and petite girl with short, curly blonde hair, large purple eyes, and small fangs and pointy ears like all Le Royame. Her outfits usually change, except for her witch outfit (in the anime) and her ogre princess outfit. She wears her school uniform normally with white legwarmers that end under her knee, but when she is an Ogre, she wears that with a yellow star-shaped barrette in her hair.

Vanilla's witch outfit consists mostly of purple and blue, with a green ribbon on the dress. She has black boots and purple gloves. The inside of her cape is blue. Her golden pendant is in the shape of a diamond, and her wand is blue with a diamond on top.

Her Ogre outfit is a fancy sleeveless dark purple dress and gloves, tiara, and slippers. Her wand and pendant are still the same.


Vanilla is kind, sensitive, and slightly shy. She is organized and intelligent, too. Despite this, she is timid, a bit clumsy and a crybaby. Although her sweetness makes her popular and cute in the Human World, she didn't have many friends in the Magical World (where being loud and bold is popular instead). She is a stereotypical moe character. Compared to Chocola, she is more conscientious and calm, often thinking before jumping into conclusions and asking Chocola to do the same (even though she never listened). As a daughter of the current queen, Vanilla has her own natural beauty of royal grace and poise. Despite having completely opposite characteristics, Vanilla and Chocola are very close friends. Unlike Chocola, Vanilla was less competitive about the test and rivalry things, because she could not accept the situation of two best friends competing against each other. When their competition barely started, Vanilla immediately gained a huge lead, but would encourage and wait for Chocola to catch up with her. And though Vanilla tries her best, she's never put the competition ahead of their friendship, therefore always gave advice to Chocola even though they were rivals. And when Chocola once reminded her of this, Vanilla felt sad.

Vanilla is quite feminine and refined at all times.Her talents are cooking, cleaning and other housework. But being so nice, she can be a bit plain at times, but this never hurt her friendship with Chocola. She is easily scared, especially when it comes to spiders and snakes (which Chocolat loves).

Before becoming Orge Queen, she was jealous of Chocolat and started thinking nobody cared for her when her mother complimented her. But after she returned to normal, it is seen that she is much more assertive and brave, yet she is still very caring and sympathetic.

Vanilla as an OgreEdit

In both the anime and the manga, Vanilla falls victim to Pierre's plans of acquiring an Ogre Princes
Vanillas noir heart

Vanilla as the Noir Princess

s. With the belief that her mother, Queen Candy, and everyone else had high hopes for Chocolat alone to become Queen of the Magical World, her heart falters and she began to doubt Chocolat, her mother and the people of the Magical World, causing Pierre to easily implant a Noir heart on her. She thinks she will be able to rule over darkness.

She begins to collect both Noir and Magical Hearts and continued to beat Chocolat in acquiring ecure. However, as her original heart is still within her, it causes her great pain, as her two hearts battle for her true emotions. Her Ogre transformation outfit consists of a fancy, dark purple outfit.

Chocolat (with the help of Ombre in the anime), manages to remove her Noir heart (as Chocola is a filtre) that enabled her to return back to normal. She then states that she will never doubt Chocolat's trust and friendship ever again.


Chocola meilleur and vanilla mieux

Chocolat MeilleureEdit

Chocolat is Vanilla's best friend. Despite the fact that their characters are completely opposite, they get along extremely well and had promised each other that they would not let the competition to be the next Queen get in the way of their friendship.


Blanca is Vanilla's mouse familiar. Throughout the series, Vanilla is the only person who can really tolerate Blanca, as most of the characters in the show find her extremely annoying (such as Chocolat, her grandfather and Duke). Blanca gives Vanilla excellent advice on how to capture boys' hearts and is the one who usually prepares Vanilla's hair for the day. She is quite prissy and egotistical at times, and thinks that Chocolat and Duke are a bad influence on Vanilla. She never wastes an opportunity to praise Vanilla in front of others and is extremely loyal to her.

Queen CandyEdit

Queen Candy is Vanilla's mother. Due to the kindom's demanding work, Queen Candy had paid Vanilla little attention as she was growing up, which led Vanilla to feel inadequate in her mother's eyes. Her mother's neglect was one of the reason why her heart faltered, and thus led to her being the Ogre Princess.

In the end, mother and daughter reconciled, and Queen Candy apologized for her neglect and indifference, stating that she had never wanted to hurt her. (this happened in the manga only.)


During Vanilla's time as an Ogre Princess, she and Pierre had gotten quite close, and she had a one-sided crush on Pierre. However, Pierre never had romantic feelings for her but just felt sorry for her. During that time, she felt jealous whenever Chocola got too close to Pierre. However, once she returned to normal she resumed her previous distance, but they remained civil to each other when things were at peace again.
Chocola & pierre


In the manga, Vanilla had ended up with Houx (who had previously liked Chocola); it was shown that the two were happy together as they were preparing for Vanilla's coronation, and Houx showed his affection for Vanilla as well. Unlike in the anime, Houx likes Chocola until the end of the series. Besides, the anime does not show any sign that Houx liked Vanilla, but he does feel worried about her when her heart hurts as an Ogre.

Ending in Anime and MangaEdit

In both the anime and the manga, she was able to get the position as Queen of the Magical World.

In the manga, it was because Chocolat (along with Pierre,) went missing after they purified Glacé's Noir heart. The two of them managed to arrive in time for Vanilla's coronation, with Vanilla stating that it should be Chocolat and not her, that should be queen. Chocolat then stated that she was the true Queen of the Magical World because she fortified the Magical World alone; without the help of either her or her mother. Also, she ends up with Houx.

In the anime, she became Queen because she managed to acquire the Crystal Heart of a unicorn. Chocolat managed to get one as well, but she used it in purifying Glacé's Noir and reviving Pierre instead. In the coronation ceremony, she relinquished her crown the moment she received it and passed the postion as the next Queen to Chocolat, feeling that it would be best for both the Ogre and Magical World (as Pierre is the Ogre Prince and they could strengthen their ties with the Ogres if Chocolat, who at this time had exchanged hearts with Pierre and making the two of them actually married by the Magical World's standard, became Queen instead). She then stated that her dream was to run a bakery in the Magical World.


Vanilla collecting hearts

Vanilla taking boy's hearts at school.

  • Agrandissment (Collecting Hearts)
  • Larme Grêle
  • Collection
  • Bubble Blizzard
  • Hailstorm of Crystal Tears (as Noir Princess)
  • Obsure Crystallization (as Noir Princess)

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