Woo is the childhood friend of Chocolat and the twin brother of Soul. He is also a wizard.

Overview Edit

Just like his brother, Woo has a deep liking towards Chocolat, often arguing about who gets to be Chocolat's king once she gets the crown. Later (but early) in the manga, him and Soul visit the Human world and enroll in Chocolat and Vanilla's school, as knights for the girls to make sure they stay safe.

Personality Edit

Woo, just like his twin brother, has a brash personality which can land him into trouble.

Appearance Edit

Houx has light brown hair and brown eyes. He wears a white scarf that has a yellow lining. His outfit consists of a green shirt and beige pants with bandages on his arms.

Abilities Edit

The Bonfire Divination: With his bonfire divination, he is able to tell when certain people are coming to visit their forest. This ends up scaring his brother. He ends up finding out that Chocolat is the person coming to visit them.

Relationships Edit

  • Soul: The twin brother of Soul. Just like normal brothers, they often argue a lot. They both have the same crush.
  • Chocolat: The childhood friend of Chocolat. He has a deep liking towards her, and gets angry whenever Pierre gets too close to her. It is hinted in the 41st episode of the anime that he's insecure about losing Chocolat to Pierre, because he still has feelings for her and would hate it if she ended up with him. He ended up being disappointed when Pierre kissed her hand
  • Vanilla: The childhood friend of Vanilla. By the end of the manga, he ends up marrying Vanilla
  • Waffle: Woo tries to get away from Waffle whenever he can since he doesn't love her like he loves Chocolat.
  • Pierre: Woo has a deep hatred towards Pierre. In the 31st episode of the anime, he and Pierre got into a physical fight for Chocolat's heart.
  • Takamura: He felt uneasy when he went out with Chocolat. When Takamura was about to kiss Chocolat, Woo looked upset because of it. (Episode 40)

Trivia Edit

  • His name means Holly in French.
  • His hobby is collecting medical herbs.
  • His specialty is fortune-telling.
  • His favorite foods are mushrooms and cheese.
  • His weakness is hot weather.